Logos I received from working with designers on Fiverr.com

I've just finished working with the 5 designers I hired on Fiverr. When I originally wrote about this experience, I had only contracted with 3 designers. However, after the first two deliverables, I got anxious and decided to give two more designers a try. Read more to see what I got, from worst to best.


This guy was an absolute joke. I think Fiverr.com agreed he was so much of a joke that they pulled his account as soon as my order finished.

I saw this and just laughed. I thought it was irredeemable, but after I stared at it long enough I found elements that could possibly work. There was no way I could describe the change request in text, so I mocked up the changes.

But he wasn't interested. He said he could send me all the unflattened files. I just wanted to get this guy out of my hair, so I just approved the logo and closed the gig. It was $5... I'm not going to argue.


I think this person was using some sort of logo tool. This is what he sent:

I received dawanshashi's logo first, and these second. At that point, i was getting really concerned that this whole Fiverr experience was going to turn into a big dud.

These logos are alright. They look professional, but they aren't anywhere near the "feeling" I was hoping to get. I poured over them, wondering how in the world I could make these work. Suddenly, the last one popped out at me. I pulled up photoshop and started tweaking:


It looked like I could be something I could maybe live with. But I think this person bailed on me at the change-request phase because I haven't received a response.

Online logo making tools

The best thing about tato142 was that the tweaked version of his logo inspired me. I began to have a clearer picture of what I wanted. I also started wondering if these people were getting their $5 off of using some logo tool, which prompted me to see if there are any online. There are! These are the concepts I played with:

It was last one that really got me thinking. It was originally a bird sitting on a branch. I liked how the branch was designed, so I removed the bird and enlarged the branch. Of course the image was way too pixilated to actually use, so I traced it, tweaked the colors, and came out with this:

Very promising! I liked it so much, I created a style tile using that logo.


This person was clearly a lot better and sent me these logos:

The first one is hilarious, but it demonstrates that this designer was paying attention to my brief and trying to figure out something new and unique. Unfortunately, it's far from elegant.

I ultimately went with the last one. My change requests were simple enough to write:

Thank you! I like what you did in file "AutumnWeaves22.jpg". Remove the gradients and make it flat colors. Use the same green and same orange across the entire logo (e.g.: only two colors). I like the font you used in file "AutumnWeaves11.jpg" -- could you switch to that font? Thanks again.

In just a few days, I received this:


It's not bad! I'm not thrilled with the font, but overall its pretty decent.


I was pretty impressed with this designer:

I didn't have any change requests! Concept 1 was just up my alley, and I didn't see anything about it that needed tweaking. Pretty sweet.


Out of them all, this guy rocked. I loved his design so much, I went ahead and created a style tile out of the concept.

At first glance I thought they were perfect as-is. But I poured over them just-in-case, and did notice that I was bothered by the shape of the A in the first one. I made one change request:

I really like these. I just have one request -- on the one with the script font, can you make the capital "A" in "Autumn" look like "A" rather than a large "a"? Thanks!

A day later I received this:

Its pretty sweet!

Conclusion - Do I recommend Fiverr?

If you need a logo on the cheap, Fiverr.com is a fine place to go (with the caveat regarding how hiring designers on the cheap devalues them). You aren't going to get a great design but you can get a usable design that will get you started.

If you need a logo and your budget is over $100, you are better off going with a crowd sourced design or working one-on-one with a local designer. You'd have a higher chance to cross the threshold of "alright" into something that is "great".

If you are totally out of ideas and just need someone to bounce ideas off of, then Fiverr is great. It certainly got me thinking more about what I wanted and didn't want and ultimately inspired me to create my own logo.