Unboxing the Singer 7258 sewing machine

I used to sew all the time when I was in middle school and high school, but I was just too busy to sew once I got to college.  Nevertheless, I lugged that huge, heavy sewing machine everywhere I lived for 9 years -- never taking it out of its case even once.  When I needed to do a serious purge of my possessions for my move across the country, that old sewing machine ended up on the purge list.

Only fairly recently have I felt a need for a sewing machine again.  I finally took the plunge and dropped money on a brand new sewing machine. I'm certainly glad I did!

There is not a lot of detailed information about sewing machines out there so I thought I'd post this unboxing for anyone else who may be considering the Singer 7258.

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How to fix the timing on a Singer 7258 sewing machine

The timing of my sewing machine -- the Singer 7258 -- had gone out of alignment.  The most obvious symptom was that the top thread would no longer pick up the bobbin thread.  Upon closer inspection, I found the needle was jamming into the plastic of the bobbin housing! Ack! This was also causing my needles to get all bent up.

It was 9pm and I did not want a several week delay required for sending the machine in for servicing.  I have work to do, you know!  So, I dove in, poking and prodding at every which thing until I figured out the magical combination.  I'm documenting this magical combination so that there will finally be something out there on the web for fixing a Singer 7258 sewing machine's timing!

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20 questions to ask yourself before you start a new business

I preused through the US Small Business Administration website expecting it to be filled with useless information — but I was wrong! I guess governments are getting their act together and finally making useful websites! To start with, the SBA is asking you to answer 20 questions that you should know the answer to in regards to your new business. Follow the jump to read my answers to these business questions.

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