Meet the Artisans for Autumn Weaves

All products made for Autumn Weaves will be handmade by artisans.  Currently there is just one artisan -- me! But if you or someone you know would like to join Autumn Weaves, contact me!

I am Kathleen Murtagh. I will be the person designing and sewing your duvet and comforter covers, and the person you will be talking to!

I have a passion for art and design, and I’m sure you do, too. You’re only looking at my work because you are trying to create a certain look and feel when you enter your bedroom and crawl into your bed. If your design tastes align towards bringing a hint of nature’s beauty indoors, then you’ve found the best person to work with! I am attracted to autumn colors with design elements inspired by mother nature. I prefer clean-straightforward designs that will compliment a room’s decor rather than dominate it.

I am a software programmer, but I am changing my career to become a professional seamstress. I recently developed a debilitating condition that has prevented me from effectively competing with other qualified software programmers for work. In fact, I was recently fired, and although I was told it was for “no reason”, I strongly suspect that it was due to my disability.

I have what is called New Daily Persistent Headache (NDPH). One of the criteria for NDPH is that the condition starts suddenly one day and occurs every single day afterwards, without a break. It is a fairly recent discovery, so there is no known cure or treatment. I have heard of only one person who’s NDPH has gone away — but only after 7 years.

I have currently had NDPH for over two years. I am much better than I was when it first started. I am on multiple medications that lowers the threshold of my triggers — I am a medical marijuana success story! I also minimize my triggers by wearing special tinted prescription eyeglasses and a hat to reduce the scope of my vision.

I have come to accept the new me. I’m the woman in the hat and pink glasses. I have to live life at a slower pace, and stop to smell as many roses as I desire. I get to spend time focusing on my art. And you get to have that handmade, heirloom quality duvet cover to put the finishing touch on making your bedroom warm and inviting. So, maybe NDPH wasn't a bad thing after all?

Hat and glasses keep the pain away caused by New Daily Persistent Headache

Hat and glasses keep the pain away caused by New Daily Persistent Headache